Friendship is like Seasaw – A Big Hug Story Book

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Friendship is like Seasaw – A Big Hug Story Book

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Judul     :  Friendship is like A Seasaw – A Big Hug Story Book
Penerbit : Five Mile Press Australia
Isi           : 30 pages (kertas tebal glossy)
Sampul   : Hard Cover
Dimensi  : 23.5 x 23.5cm
Berat : 450 gram

Friendships can be tricky things for young children to understand. If I’m going to be truthful, some friendships can remain tricky well into adulthood. People can be complex and changeable at times and it’s no wonder that our children can sometimes feel confused and challenged by the dynamics of their friendships.

Friendship is Like a Seesaw offers children an easy to understand explanation of how friendships work – that friendships are sometimes uneven when friends aren’t feeling the same way about a situation and that friendships work best when both people are balanced and even in the way they deal with each other.

Friendship is Like a Seesaw offers parents, teachers and all those who spend time with children a wonderful opportunity to start conversations about friendships – how they work, why they sometimes make us sad and how to do our part to keep our friendships happy and healthy. This book is part of the Big Hug series by psychologist and author Shona Innes, designed to help young readers deal with some of life’s tricky situations.




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